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Increased well-being with
a simple button press

The EndoLight® Band is a home wellness product with high-quality technology from the field of Low-Level Laser Therapy. With its high-effective laser diodes, the EndoLight can have a positive impact on the body, health, performance, and well-being.

Developed in 2022 by Webermedical GmbH, the EndoLight represents the latest result of years of research and experience in laser therapy. Webermedical GmbH is a leading company in medical laser therapy, founded in 2003, and has gained worldwide recognition as a pioneer. The company specializes in conducting intravenous laser treatments to combat various diseases and improve health.

Now, the EndoLight® Band is being introduced to the field of biohacking for optimizing their health and performance.

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technology of EndoLight®

Light-sensitive receptors in our body cells react to different wavelengths of light. They transform this into energy production, immune strengthening and other health-promoting processes

The unique arrangement of laser diodes in the EndoLight® guarantees optimal light irradiation of the circulating blood via the arteries in your wrist for an effect on the entire body. On a systemic level, each wavelength, or color, exerts its own benefits

Technology of the EndoLights

The EndoLight® Band is equipped with 7 highly effective laser diodes (35mW/diode) and a powerful LED, consisting of:

2x Red (660nm)

2x Infrared (808nm)

2x Blue (450nm)

1x Yellow (590nm)

1x Green (505nm)

In medical laser light therapy "nm" stands for nanometers and refers to the wavelength of the laser light.

The penetration depth of laser light into tissue depends heavily on the wavelength of the laser used.

In short: The longer the wavelength, the deeper the laser light can penetrate into the tissue.

Depending on the penetration depth, different effects are produced in the body.


Three programs - three effects

Recharge - Relax - Recover: You decide.



Do you want more energy and performance?

The Recharge program activates your mitochondria activity and boosts your energy.

Active diodes: infrared, red, green

EndoLight Modus Recharge



Do you want to enhance your regeneration and relax better?

The Relax program has a relaxing and regenerative effect.

Active diodes: yellow, green, blue

EndoLight Modus Relax



Do you want to strengthen your internal defenses?

The Recover program has a positive effect on your well-being.

Active diodes: infrared, red, green, yellow, green, and blue

EndoLight Modus Recover

Unique essence of EndoLight®

high-quality technology

The EndoLight® is developed by physicians and is based on Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology.

high effective laser diodes

The laser diodes are of high quality and have an effective output power of 35mW per diode.

diverse laser spectrum

The EndoLight® offers a wide range of laser colors (infrared, red, yellow, green and blue). 

This allows you to benefit from the advantages of different wavelengths.

Smart, slim design

Thanks to its slim design, you can comfortably wear the EndoLight® on the side. Furthermore, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry while traveling.

pre-installed programs

"Thanks to the pre-installed programs, it's incredibly easy to use and user-friendly.

time saving

30 minutes per session are sufficient to benefit from the advantages of the EndoLight®.

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testomonials from our customers


They used EndoLight® for a duration of four weeks: 


„Das EndoLight half uns, uns fitter und weniger müde als sonst zu fühlen, da wir teilweise wenig geschlafen haben. Vor allem während des Trainings konnten wir dank des EndoLights unsere Leistung trotz wenig Schlaf weiterhin abrufen und ohne Leistungseinbußen trainieren. Außerdem wurde unsere Regeneration beschleunigt und wir fühlten uns schneller bereit, das nächste Workout zu absolvieren.“


"The EndoLight helped us feel more energetic and less tired than usual, especially when we had little sleep. During our workouts, we were able to maintain our performance levels despite the lack of sleep, thanks to the EndoLight, and train without any decrease in performance. Additionally, our recovery was accelerated, and we felt ready to tackle the next workout more quickly."

Sarah und Silva E.),
Crossfitter from Frankfurt/Main 

"Study" results:

"EndoLight® can significantly improve strength and endurance performance"

In an 8-week study, daily use of EndoLight® significantly improved both strength and endurance in participants.

Do you have any questions?
Get in contact. 

Ready to optimize your well-being and performance?

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Get your 5% discount with code "busyfit5"

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