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Fitness Couple

About us

hey, we are Lisa and Kaan!

Since our first meeting in Australia more than 10 years ago, we've become an inseparable fitness duo. What brings us together is a deep passion for fitness, healthy eating, mental strength, and biohacking.


As full-time working professionals with busy schedules, we understand how easy it is to put off fitness. However, we've learned that real strength is in finding time when it seems impossible and don't let excuses control you.

Especially in our hectic, stressful lives, it's essential to take care of our bodies and minds to stay energetic and perform well in both everyday life and our careers. This is the key for more energy, better health, and better performance in all areas of life.

"Busy and Fit" is more than just a motto; it's a way of life.

It represents our belief that fitness and health should remain a priority, even when life gets hectic.

We combine our proven workouts and healthy eating habits with mental training and biohacking techniques.

With these powerful tools, we've already helped many people boost their performance, improve their health, and maximize their quality of life, both physically and mentally.

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Feel free to check out the HR article about our routines or listen to the podcast episode "How do we stay fit?" (in German)

My passion is to live the best version of my life and unlock my full potential - physically and mentally.

For me, this is more than just staying physically fit and eating well. I'm also excited about exploring fascinating methods of mental training and biohacking!

My personal journey began when I realized how tough it can be to find time for physical and mental health in a busy daily life. I felt out of balance, not in great shape, and often tired and low on energy.didn't want to accept this state any longer and explored new ways to lead an energetic, healthy life with limited time.

IMy secret lies in taking a holistic view of health, seeing it as a synergy of physical and mental factors. I've integrated an effective morning routine that helps me stay physically and mentally fit. I've been incredibly impressed by how this significantly improved my quality of life, fitness, energy, and performance

This experience has shaped my mission: Helping people become the best physical and mental versions of themselves, even when life gets hectic.

Since 2015, I've been working as an personal trainer, nutrition advisor, and mental trainer, and I'm also passionate about biohacking.

Lisa's Expertise:

Personal Trainer

Fitness and Health Coach

Nutrition Advisor

Certified Mental Trainer

Pre and Postnatal Fitness Trainer

Author of "Busy and Fit" and "Sugar-Free Snacking"


About Lisa


About Kaan

As a child, sports were not a central part of my life. On the contrary, I was unathletic and overweight. It became increasingly challenging for me when I entered high school and went through puberty. "Teasing" from classmates and at times even teachers became a daily occurrence.

At the age of nearly 14, I made the decision to change something to feel more comfortable in my own body. I underwent a radical weight loss and gradually discovered endurance training, strength training, HIIT, and healthy nutrition for myself.


Upon entering the workforce as a Junior Consultant in a management consulting after completing my studies, I was told that this profession involved long working hours and frequent business trips. I was advised to choose between success in consulting and maintaining my fitness. Success or fitness – for me, this was not a contradiction and I was determined to prove it. With success!

In just 6.5 years, I made it to Partner in management consulting , spent 3 years as an expatriate in China, and currently serve as the Managing Director for a global division with nearly 700 employees.

Simultaneously, I train almost daily, have completed the 1000-pound challenge, run marathons, and even trekked across Iceland on foot.

I have found a way to stay fit despite a demanding job and limited time. Training, nutrition, and biohacking provide me with the necessary energy and motivation for my work and life.

Currently, I offer limited coaching sessions for executives and business professionals who want to unlock their full physical and mental potential despite their busy schedules. Because it's definitely possible.

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