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Personal Training in Frankfurt

Optimize your Fitness and Performance 

Are you looking for options to gain more energy and fitness in busy daily life?

But your hectic and packed daily routine often keeps you away from achieving this goal?

That's where we come in. Welcome to 'Busy & Fit'!

We offer personalized, holistic training and coaching tailored to busy individuals, focusing on fitness,

nutrition, mindset and biohacking

Effective, time saving workouts and nutritional approaches, as well as techniques from the

mental training and biohacking are key to our success. 

Personal training, fitness classes and mindset coaching

in Frankfurt or online

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Fitness Mama mit Baby, Mamafitness in Frankfurt
Fitness Paar, Busy and Fit Gründer, Personal Trainer in Frankfurt

We are Lisa and Kaan,

We practice what we preach:


Despite our hectic schedules and busy family lives we manage to stay fit, healthy, and high-performing – thanks to effective workouts, optimized nutrition and helpful routines.

Even though our daily lives often present challenges: While Kaan used to work as a partner in a management consulting  and now serves as a CEO, Lisa built her own business besides her full-time job.

At the same time, we are parents to a wonderful one-year-old daughter.

What drives us?


We aim to remain fit, healthy, high-performing and energetic well when we get older in order to:

  • Have enough energy for daily life, friendships, and hobbies.

  • Be fully active with our child.

  • Achieve professional excellence and unlock our full potential.

  • Lead an active, healthy life in our senior years.

  • Enhance our quality of life and savor every moment.

Our goal is to support you to unleashing your full potential as well and get the best version of yourself - physically and mentally. 

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Here's the link to the HR article about our routines.

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Here is the link to the podcast episode: 'How do we stay fit and healthy?" (in german)

"Busy & Fit is not just a motto,

its a attitude of life"

customer feedback

testomonials from our customers

"Ich bin glücklich Lisa als meine Personal Trainerin zu haben! Ich hatte zwar vorher auch Sport gemacht, aber nicht kontinuierlich, da ich vorher berufstätig war und ein Kind habe. Lisa hat mich gelehrt dem Sport eine höhere Priorität zu geben. Wir trainieren bei mir zu Hause, da meine Zeit eben knapp bemessen ist.

Ich habe abgenommen, fühle mich gesünder und fitter.

Ich kann Lisa sehr empfehlen. Die Chemie hat von Anfang an gestimmt und sie hat mich stetig motiviert durchzuhalten."


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