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Health Optimization Biohacking Package

Goal: Optimize personal health, fitness, and performance in a holistic way


  • Blood analysis

  • Vitamin infusion/nutrient boosters

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Mental coaching (e.g. routines, stress management, mindset)

  • Fitness training

  • biohacking tools

In collaboration with a specialist physician


Nutrition Booster

Goal: Nutritional Optimization


  • Blood analysis

  • Personalized vitamin infusions/nutrient boosters

  • Nutrition counseling

In collaboration with a specialist physician

Package 2: Health Optimization Package 


A perfect combination of fitness, nutrition and mental training

Our combination package offers a perfect synergy of blood analyses, infusions, and innovative biohacking tools as its foundation. We collaborate with an experienced specialist physician who creates personalized vitamin infusions based on a blood analysis.

We also focus on personal training, nutritional counseling and mental coaching to ensure that you become holistically fit, healthy, and high-performing, unlocking your full potential.

You will not only enhance your physical fitness but also strengthen your mind and achieve emotional balance. Your health and performance will reach new level - physically and mentally. 

You can choose between an BASIC and PREMIUM package; it differs in frequency of the training/coaching. 

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Blood analysis and vitamin infusion

We begin with a professional blood analysis, granting us insights into your health and allowing us to offer tailored recommendations. Our high-quality vitamin infusions deliver the nutrients your body needs to function optimally, administered by a specialist physician.

BASIC: 1x analysis, 1x vitamin infusion

PREMIUM: 1x analysis, 2x vitamin infusion


fitness training

We are developing a customized training program tailored to your goals and needs. Whether you want to build muscle, burn fat, or improve your endurance, together we will achieve your fitness goal.

BASIC: 2x training incl. 1x plan

PREMIUM: 4x training, incl. 2x plan

Gesunder Salat

nutrition counseling

Having the right diet is essential for your health and energy. Together, we'll create a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your needs and provide support to help you implement it in your daily life.

BASIC: 2x nutrition counseling

PREMIUM: 3x nutrition counseling

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

mental training

A strong mindset is the foundation of your success. Our mental training will assist you in building a positive mindset, helpful routines, reducing stress and achieving relaxation.

BASIC: 1x mental training

PREMIUM: 2x mental training

Your benefits:

✓ personal support from us and a specialist doctor

✓ A program tailored to your needs

✓ Transformation into a consistently fit and healthy lifestyle with success assessments ​


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Package 2:Nutrition Booster


Natural vitality and optimal health start with a balanced diet. Welcome to our innovative nutrition counseling with a touch of biohacking! Our nutrition booster package includes a comprehensive blood analysis, personalized, needs-based vitamin infusions, and nutrition counseling

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Blood analysis and vitamin booster

We start with blood analyses and vitamin infusions to get a deeper understanding of your body and to analyze potential nutrient deficiency. Our primary goal is to optimize your health by refuel your nutrient reserves.


The analyses and infusions are administered by a specialist physician.


1x Analysis, 1x vitamin infusion

Gesunder Salat

nutrition counseling

After finishing blood analysis you will get a personalized nutrition counseling tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. Our goal is to help you establish healthy eating habits that you can easily integrate into your daily life and maintain in the long term. You'll be supporting your health sustainably.


2x nutrition counseling

Our mission is to achieve short-term improvements and empower you to live a healthy, vital and energized life permanently.

Contact us today to start your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant and energetic self.

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